Conscious copywriting for Wellness Brands

Written by Heather is a one-woman conscious copywriting service that helps wellness brands put their passion on a page and connect with consumers.


You’ll also find her editorial work in print magazines in the UK and beyond.

photograph of Heather Grant from Written by Heather
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Clients include: Tisserand Aromatherapy, Kaffe Bueno, Heights, Jimbo & Jules, Sustainable Bliss co., Goldenbeeskin, Mazillo, Fussy, Tripulse, Noorra, Parson Brown

Seen in: Spirit & Destiny, Breathe, Teen Breathe, The Simple Things, Being, Nourish

Plant Shadow


Words that turn readers into doers 

You’re a changemaker, right? A brand out to do big things? 


To shake up the industry you need to get people dancing to your beat.


 I'll craft crisp, clean, and creative copy that grabs attention and inspires action.

  • Marketing funnels/ email series

  • Website copy

  • Social copy

  • Press releases


Content Writing

Stories to be celebrated and shared 

Your brand's your baby. You work your butt off to raise it and you're bursting to share every detail. 


Whilst you can’t meet every customer face-to-face,  your content should communicate what you're all about.


I'll create pieces that capture your tone of voice and keep customers coming back. 


  • Blogs articles

  • Newsletters

  • Proofing, editing, and optimizing


Abstract Sand

Feature Writing

Reads for snuggling up and winding down

...And breathe. There’s nothing like relaxing with a good read.


I pour my creativity into features that fill you up. That’s calm and cosy articles for print publications in the UK and beyond.


My key areas of interest are wellbeing, mindfulness, spirituality, and plant-based and sustainable living.

  • Freelance shifts

  • Commissioned articles

  • Sourcing and planning

You talking about me?

Heather has been an incredible addition to my business. I was hesitant to hire someone because I have a very specific vision in mind when it comes to my site. However, she understood my vision, brand voice, and my audience, and was always prompt to deliver pieces that really encapsulated everything I was looking for. Plus, her focus on SEO was much appreciated. I'm excited to work with Heather more in the future as my business grows.
- Jasmine Irven, Sustainable Bliss
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