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Hey there!


I’m Heather and I can’t wait to get to know you better.


To cut the long story short:

  • I'm a copywriter and content writer for ethical wellness brands

  • You’ll find my features in print magazines in the UK and beyond

  • I’m an MA English Literature graduate and a lifelong word nerd

  • I’m passionate about conscious consumerism 

  • I'm currently living in Bali, Indonesia!

Want the full shebang? Read on …

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My story

Three things collided to create this little corner of the internet: a passion for wellness, concern for the environment, and a deep love for the written word.

Let’s start with the last on the list. You know how they say every person is a maths or an English person? I was always the latter. All I wanted to do at school was read books and write stories. I went to university to study English and thought, hey, I'm pretty good at this. I finished with a first-class degree and three awards, including the best grades in my year, and have since achieved a Distinction in my master’s degree (humble brag).


My passion for the written word, however, goes well beyond the realms of academia. I'm a lifelong word nerd and have never stopped studying and taking courses, including training with The Comprehensive Copywriting Academy.


My interest in wellness and self-development grew whilst I was at university too. In my first year, I was shy and stressed, and by my fourth year, I was calm and confident. It largely boiled down to a mindset shift: putting my health and happiness on top of my to-do list every day.


I went vegan, formed a fitness routine, meditation, therapy, yoga, journaling – you name it, I did (still do) it. As well as becoming a complete cliché, I started a part-time job as a Faculty Wellbeing Ambassador as I wanted  to share the profound effect these changes had on me.


Another mindset shift happened in the summer of 2018 when I embarked on my first volunteering experience in Kefalonia, Greece. I booked it because I had itchy feet and had watched Mamma Mia one too many times. I left with a new outlook.


The project was saving the turtles (or marine conservation if we’re getting technical) and seeing first-hand the effect humans have on the planet terrified me. Another couple of volunteering trips and a whole load of documentaries later, caring for the planet is something I always try to do. 


Now let’s skip to the good bit. I have been freelance writing since the start of the Pandemi Lavato, during my postgraduate degree, and now whilst I travel and live in South East Asia!


I craft copy and content for many gorgeous ethical businesses and write features for various print features, including a weekly shift in the wellness and sustainability niche. 


Do your values align with mine? Are you in need of someone who understands your customers and can confidently communicate your mission?


Get in touch to see how I can help!

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