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Content Writing

In need of a read? Here's a small sample of blog articles I have written for clients. If you want to find out about my experience with the type of content or topic you desire drop me a message and I’ll send some links your way.

Verified Specialist

Clients include

Tisserand Aromatherapy, Kaffe Bueno, ZeroWasteStore, Your Heights, Jimbo & Jules, Sustainable Bliss co., Goldenbeeskin, Mazillo, Fussy, Tripulse, Noorra, Parson and Brown, Unsustainable Magazine, Now with Purpose

Search Engine Optimisation

Heather is incredible. Due to her work, we were able to hit some difficult SEO targets. Without her, it would not have been possible. Her speed, quality of work, and communication are exceptional. Heather's knowledge of SEO and attitude to learning has made working together very enjoyable.  

Alexia Contoguris - Growth Exec., Heights

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