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Back to Business, Weekly Wellness, and My Top Tip for Conscious Copywriting

Hey stranger! It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? After a chunky break, I’ve dusted off my keyboard, drank my coffee, and I’m back to doing what I love: making puns and pestering PR people.

(Joking. There’s a lot more to my job than that). Although my break was about rest NOT productivity (practicing what we preach!) I know I’m going back to work a much better writer and business owner than before. Spending time in nature, meeting new people, and embracing a different way of life has given me a clearer idea of my ethos:

helping ethical wellness brands connect with conscious consumers through gimmick-free, transparent, and fact-driven copy.

And being in a part of the world I’ve always dreamed of has filled me with a drive to dive into new experiences, bigger projects, and sparkly new services. Now I’m back to business, I’m bursting to share more of Written By Heather with you all. That’s why I’m resurrecting my blog with a series of project updates, weekly wellness, and copywriting tips. Let’s get to it!

Feature Writing: Can You ‘Tap’ Away Anxiety?

While the answer is no, not completely, I did explore a kind of therapy called ‘tapping’ (or EFT), in an article for Breathe Magazine Issue 41. Here’s a sample:

Have you ever had an anxious thought or troubling memory, and felt it pulse through your body? Perhaps it made your arms tingle, or your head feel fussy? That’s because there are certain points in your body where you store emotional energy. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can be thought of as a cousin to acupuncture, borrowing from the Chinese meridian system and breathing a new lease of life into the healing process. It swaps needles for fingertips and draws on aspects of modern cognitive therapy to address emotional issues.

Thank you to the lovely Rebecca Francesca and Louisa Hussey for sharing your wisdom with me!

Copywriting: Finding the Facts

Bodies are complex, health isn’t just one thing, and what works for one person isn’t necessarily going to work the same way for someone else. So how do you communicate that to a consumer? How do you take the years of research, time, and (presumably) tears that have gone into your product and persuade someone to purchase it? You could turn it into a wellness fad, forget the facts, and tell people what they want to hear. You could give them PhD-level research and tell them to enjoy the lengthy read. OR you could hire a conscious copywriter to infuse the good things you do with words people warm to. By taking trustworthy research and translating it into your tone of voice, I create authentic and transparent copy that gives your consumer the truth they deserve. I received this lovely review from one of my amazing retainer clients, Jimbo & Jules, and I’m so glad to hear they value the research I do.

It has been an absolute joy working with Heather! Her attention to detail, both in her writing and in our brainstorming sessions, continues to be very impressive. CBD is heavily nuanced and complex, involving scientific literature and sifting through various sources before finding ones that are legitimate. Working with other writers in the past, I was accustomed to going through 3-4 drafts before getting to publish quality work, but Heather consistently sends a publish-ready article right out of the gate.

We’re proud to have Heather as part of our team and look forward to continuing to work with her. I can’t recommend her enough!

CONSCIOUS COPYWRITING TIP: Look for scientific sources and original research - not just other copywriters’ words.

Conscious Choices

The first small switch I made this week was changing my Chrome to, a search engine that plants trees for every search made. If I’m honest, I’ve not had the chance to fully explore how it does what it does, but right now I’m happy to bask in the magic that my silly little questions are helping nature thrive.

I’ve also been more conscious about the choices I make when I go to eat. I’m currently living in Bali, a country where you can’t drink the water AT ALL (Bali belly? Been there, done that, got the T-shirt), so I’m careful to choose places that have a water filter system rather than using plastic bottles. Aside from that, I’ve found Bali to be amazing in terms of having eco-friendly systems and solutions in place.

p.s. it’s the G20 Summit in Bali next week!

TO WATCH: 5 African Women to Follow at COP27

Weekly Wellness

My wellness goal this week was to simply get back on the mat. I found a beautiful studio surrounded by nature and I’ve attended chakra yoga, yin yang yoga, and my favourite, a vinyasa flow.

Next week I head to Ubud, the spiritual capital of Bali, and I’m super excited to try a Breathwork or sound healing class – something I’ve never tried before.

WELLNESS CHALLENGE: Be open-minded and try something new.

Phew. What a first week back. Let me know how you get on with the tips and challenges, and I’ll talk to you next week!



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