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The Value of Fun Facts, A Dreamy New Routine, & Ethical Email Tips

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Monday morning usually means one thing: a cup of coffee. But did you know that the brew you’re sipping on utilises less than 1% of coffee’s health-boosting compounds? The rest goes to waste, despite being an SPF, skin and haircare saviour, and nutrient-packed health food. Why am I telling you this? Because there’s value in telling people something they didn’t know before.

Brands need to have a USP; you have to do something differently. For copywriters, this means escaping the ‘must be SEO-friendly’ content mill and writing something that, yes, is less likely to be searched for, but equally isn’t going to get lost in a pile of repeated information. It’s finding that all important balance between telling people what they want, need, and are looking for AND giving them the ultimate solution to a problem they didn’t even know they had. That’s conscious copywriting.

Now that the coffees drunk and the fun facts are out the way, let’s crack on with the weekly round-up…

Feature writing: Playful mind, creative work

When it comes to hiring a freelancer, the world's your oyster. Most freelancers work remotely, so you can dive into the global talent pool and base your choice on skill, not location. It also means that, as freelancers, we can travel the world and learn more about the niche we’re working in. I’m lucky to work with clients from all over the world, from anywhere in the world. This week, it meant time ‘away’ in Ubud, Bali, doing all things spiritual. I went to restorative yoga, a blue lotus tea ceremony, sound healing, breathwork, and an aerial yoga class. I hiked up a volcano, got a spontaneous tattoo of said volcano, and ate lots of yummy vegan food.

Feature wise, I had two write up this week. Both of touched on the same topic: a playful mindset aids creativity.

Research has found that situations where the mind wanders from the task at hand can be effective for thinking-up something new and interesting. In doing so many novel activities, I found myself working much more efficiently. If flying through the air on silks is the answer to productivity, then so be it!

Copywriting: emails with soul, not spam

Now we’ve had the fun facts and the playful mindset, it’s time to talk copy. Specifically, what makes a marketing email series ethical.

For me, Welcome Email Series should share your mission and values. They should welcome the reader into your world and teach them how to dance to your beat. If you make the read feel at home, they’ll surely want to stick around.

When it comes to Abandoned Cart Series, I believe it’s about gently nudging, not pushing, the reader to the items they loved and left behind. You should consider the obstacles they’re dealing with and clear their path to purchase.

Considered marketing that adds value, not filler content. Based on this review I received from ZeroWasteStore after I wrote two email series for them, I reckon I’m ticking that box!

Heather’s content is fun, lighthearted, and easy to read/ She helps us capture the reader’s attention by showing them the importance of our planet and why we need to protect it. We are extremely happy with her work and are looking forward to continuing our partnership together.

- ZeroWasteStore

CONSCIOUS COPYWRITING TIP: Go through your inbox and consider what makes you open a marketing email. The answer is likely to be some sort of incentive (e.g. a discount), but are there any other factors? What makes you read on? Incorporate these things in your copy.

Conscious Choices

A small, but conscious, choice I’ve made this week is to with people more than it’s about the planet.

I’m living in Canggu, Bali, where it’s incredibly Westernized. While the locals are extremely grateful and proud to show off their island, there’s a massive discrepancy between where the locals eat, shop, and spend their leisure time, and where the ex-pats and tourists do.

I’m setting the intention to choose local family-owned businesses over white-owned, and predominantly white-attended, restaurants. The same goes for the yoga classes I’m attending. I’m also making more of an effort to talk to locals and find out more about their lives.

TO READ: 29 Ways to Be an Ethical Tourist

Weekly wellness

Wow, this week was one wellnessy week! As I said in last weeks blog, my mantra was to be open to new things. And boy did I do that. I had some beautiful, crazy, freeing, and healing experiences that I’ll take with me through life.

But more importantly for you, It’s made me even more passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to my work, which is lucky because big things are happening at Written by Heather next week.

I won’t spill all the beans, but what I will say is keep your eyes peeled because their might be discount waiting for you if you do.

WELLNESS CHALLENGE: Prioritise passion over forced productivity. Whatever you’re doing, do it is as though it’s your favourite thing on earth and you’ll find yourself flowing through it.

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